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Starter Pack subscription

Starter Pack subscription

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HK$450.00 every month for 3 months

Want to try all Momo’s products but don’t know where to begin?

Then this starter pack is perfect for you.

The subscription includes:

Items included: 2x Momo Almond Drink bottles per week, 1x Oat La La Granola and 1x Momo Gift Box with 4 mini sizes of our signature butters 150ml

Commitment period minimum of 3 months, delivery once a month

Delivery on the first Monday of the month

What's inside

Starter Pack includes:

2x Momo Almond Drink

1 x Momo Gift Box - 4 mini sizes of our signature butters 150ml x4

Almond Butter

Crunchy Almond Butter

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Pistachio Cashew Butter

1x Oat La La Granola

Subscription benefits

10% off regular price

Priority and free delivery

Exclusive news and pick on all new and limited items

How to use it

Momo Almond Drink:

Freshly crushed and lightly pasteurized - If you can’t finish by its expiry date, we recommend freezing it and use it as a base for cold drinks!

Once received, store in the refrigerator immediately to retain its freshness.

This drink tastes great on its own. We also recommend experimenting with smoothies and granola bowls, or broth it up with warm drinks like lattes etc.

Keeps 5-6 days.


Keep lid sealed. Store away from sunlight. Vegan and no preservatives added. Oils may separate naturally, stir to restore creamy texture.

Keeps 3 months.

Spread it on your freshly baked sourdough, smoothie bowls, cheese plate… you do you!


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