Ready for a completely different experience?

Our signature Almond Drink is smooth, creamy and super nutty. Sweetened naturally with Medjool dates, this drink just hits differently.

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At MOMO we like our butters smooth and creamy. Made with 100% Californian Almonds, each jar is filled with freshly crushed almonds.

Focusing on the texture and consistency of the product, we chose to use a grinder that processes the nuts slowly, allowing the almond to release its oils naturally.

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We think the best thing about granola is its crunchiness, so we made one that’s super-duper crunchy and chunky. Gluten-free oats and almonds coated in our nutty maple blend - so effortless yet luxurious. 

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  • Human Made.

    Unlike mass produced nut milks, our Almond Drinks are freshly crushed, squeezed, and made by hand. Each product we make has gone through numerous amounts of research and development, to ensure a fresh and nutritious outcome for you.

  • Freshly Made.

    We work hard to make products that keep at its peak for flavor, texture, vitamins, and nutrient content. We pride ourselves on not using preservatives and additives. It is an intricate process, but it ensures all nutrients are freshly delivered to you.

  • Locally Made.

    Our small-scale local production aims to eliminate unused product, transportation waste and reduce emissions. As we grow, we aim to hire and continue supporting local talents. We aim to be your local solution to delicious, Vegan friendly milk.