MOMO was born out of a quarter-life crisis - yes, seriously.

After living abroad and constantly being stimulated by new places, ideas, and lifestyles, the transition of moving back and finding myself was difficult.

It was after completing a Yoga Teacher Training where I drew my senses of perception inward.

I learned that freedom exists within your own body, heart, mind, and soul.

With more awareness, a quieter mind, coupled with some lifestyle changes, people around me were interested in my story and journey. After extensive research and experimenting with my own body, I truly believe food is medicine.

Having always struggled with dairy, I have long switched to homemade nut milk after not found a brand I love. The MOMO Almond Drink was created as a fresh, plant-based milk originally for me and my family.

What was born out of my kitchen after months of research and experiments is

a high-quality almond drink with zero preservatives, thickeners, and additives.

All the products we make are inspired by what we believe is missing from the market; it has either not been made or is not up to our standard.

At MOMO, we aim to maximize ingredients, taste, and nutritional value.

MOMO is your solution to fresh and healthy products. Made locally - just for you.

Melody Liang :)