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Almond Drink Subscription

Almond Drink Subscription

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HK$180.00 every week for 12 weeks
Just like a traditional milkman, we offer milk subscriptions for our most loyal customers.
The subscription includes:

4x MOMO Almond Drink per week

Commitment period minimum of 3 months

Delivery once a week, every Monday.

Subscription benefits

10% off regular price

Priority and free delivery

Exclusive news and pick on all new and limited items

Product use

Freshly crushed and lightly pasteurized - If you can’t finish by its expiry date, we recommend freezing it and use it as a base for cold drinks!

Once received, store in the refrigerator immediately to retain its freshness.

This drink tastes great on its own. We also recommend experimenting with smoothies and granola bowls, or broth it up with warm drinks like lattes etc.

Keeps 5-6 days.

Ingredients and benefits

Filtered Water, Almonds (30%), Medjool Dates, Sunflower Lecithin.

Made with 30% Californian Almonds, each 300ml bottle contains 9 grams of protein to keep you strong. Almonds are naturally high in Calcium, Zinc, vitamins B and E, you can get a daily dose of nutrition from a single bottle.


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